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Vix Cyber LLC is a boutique Information Security firm that offers federal and commercial InfoSec services that enables clients to ensure Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. We believe security is both an art and a skill that requires a delicate hand and highly knowledgeable experts to assist our clients in running their businesses securely. 


We provide Advisory Services that partner with our clients to establish a Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) program to enable your organization to reliably achieve security objectives and address the uncertainties your organization may face. Our advisors assist with identifying gaps in your environment and craft solutions to respond effectively to those uncertainties.



GRC Program Development

Whether you are starting from the ground up or require a review of your existing GRC program, we assist with developing a program that is right for your organizational needs. 

Thought Leadership

Strategy development is a critical component to effective thought leadership. Vix Cyber LLC will strategically align your security practices to your business goals in order to allow your organization to shift to a security and business focused strategy. 

Governance Framework Implementation

Our Advisors are experts in ISO 2700X, NIST, GLBA and FFIEC. We have been implementing these security frameworks across various industries for a number of years. Allow us to provide the expertise to implement the right framework for you.

Policy Development

Policy creation is one of the more difficult to manage aspects of GRC programs. It’s important to create policies that are overarching and that feed into procedures, standards and guidelines. Our GRC experts have the know how to make this part of your security program that much more attainable.

Security Awareness Training

The human factor of security is usually the most unpredictable. We provide private or classroom training for small groups on general security awareness that will reduce some of the threats and vulnerabilities that come with the human factor.

Continuous Monitoring

Our continuous monitoring service provides key metrics on people, processes and systems that will gather intelligent data and report on the important aspects of your GRC program include aligned business goals. This will allow an organization to monitor how well they’re managing their risks and to demonstrate improvements and compliance with applicable frameworks.

Privacy & Data Governance

Privacy in the US is still a topic under development and has yet to be implemented across all industries. Our experts will assist you in navigating through your privacy needs. Understanding how to protect your data is arguably the most important aspect of information security. Knowing what your data assets are, classifying them and assigning protection mechanisms are the core to effective data governance.


Compliance and Risk Management complement each other but organizations often use these terms interchangeably. Compliance with regulations help organizations protect themselves from specific compliance risks. Vix Cyber LLC aligns both risk management and compliance to create a robust risk management and compliance framework that is tactical and strategic,
predictive, value creating, and integrated.

Business Continuity

In order for an organization to protect their assets, they must first understand what those assets are. This is especially applicable to Business Continuity Planning and Management. We assist with creating Business Impact Analysis, Disaster Recovery Planning and testing of Business Continuity Plans. Identify gaps in your business continuity is not an easy task but an important one to a truly robust security program.



Third-Party Risk Management Development:

Understanding who your vendors are and the risks they pose to your organization are important to the health of a security program. A risk management program is not complete without a fully developed Third-Party Risk Management, we provide the following services
as part of the program:




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